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I’ve just returned from a weekend break at a cheesy seaside resort here in the UK and it has inspired me to write today’s Tuesday Shoesday blog post. It’s not beach hut pastels or sandy-beach flip-flops that have inspired me; instead it’s the tacky footwear from my childhood – the jelly shoe. I’m sure that everyone has worn a pair of jellies in their lifetime – I’m talking maybe 20 years ago, when you just a young whippersnapper, remember?? – and I was no exception.

I’ve been going to the same seaside town every summer since I was a toddler and from as young as I can remember I’ve always wanted a pair of jelly shoes. I’ve eyed them up in beach-side shops for years and was captivated by their bright colours. I saved my pocket money so that I could invest in a glittery pair of clear jellies when I was 10 and I wore them throughout the summer holidays. They keep little feet safe from the sharp stones on the sea-bed and look equally cool walking down the promenade as they do on the beach. I felt so trendy in my jelly shoes when I was a ‘tweenager’ and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt quite the same about any other footwear since.

With WGSN predicting the growth of vinyl shoes for 2015 I think the jelly shoe could be making a fashionable comeback. The worldwide trend forecasters have highlighted clear PVC panels and boiled-sweet colours for future footwear, naming the trend ‘luxury plastics’. I’ve already seen lots of fashion stories featuring jelly sandals and rubber flip-flops, and designers such as Sophia Webster are creating shoes that are decidedly jelly-eqsue (above).

So when I went into the very same beach-side kiosk this year and saw rows of jelly shoes on the shelves, beside inflatable rubber rings, kites and cheap sunglasses, my mind went into over-drive. Now that I’m a grown-up I can buy my own jelly shoes whenever I want so I started frantically rummaging through the selection to pick out my ultimate pair. I very quickly realised that the jelly sandals were available in every size… up to a size 2. No adult sizes in sight (I wonder why?) and my bottom lip came out in a pouty sulk.


jelly shoes for summer 2014 from asos new look and mr shoes

Now that I’m home from my short break, I’ve made it my mission to find a pair of adult size jelly shoes and after a quick online search, I’ve not been disappointed. Well, I’d still rather be able to buy a pair from a sea-front kiosk, like I’d always imagined as a child, but these shoes come a close second! These shoes all come in different colours, styles and adult sizes but my favourites are these block-heel jelly shoes from New Look,  my favourite childhood glittery sandals from Mr Shoe and on-trend coral solid-colour gladiators from ASOS.

Let me know what you think about jelly shoes – are they just for the children or can adults wear them too? If you already have your own jelly shoes please tweet me a snap to @Cassiefairy I’d love to see them!

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  1. You’re so right, it’s definitely a marmite situation – I hadn’t thought of it like that before! 🙂

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