How to do a pantry audit & my top 10 store-cupboard meals

You have more food in the house than you think. You just have to plan ahead, & the most important step is doing a cupboard inventory. Here’s how to turn those store-cupboard items in your pantry into healthy meals for your family…


How to use up your leftovers for alternative toppings on pancake day

As I’ve been doing the #FoodSavvy challenge this month with the aim of minimising my food waste, using up eggs, milk, flour and other fillings on pancake day is a great way to ensure that I’m not throwing away potentially edible food. Here are some of my fave ways to use up leftovers on Pancake Day…


Three simple baking tips for creating easy, tasty and healthy desserts

I’ll be honest. I’m not the best cook. Sure, I’m interested in baking and cooking, and I’m always excited to try out new recipes – just sometimes it goes spectacularly wrong. Nonetheless I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and just this weekend we dished up some lovely meals for friends who came to stay…


Why I’m taking on the #FoodSavvy challenge in February 2020

Did you know that in Norfolk and Suffolk alone 113,000 tonnes of food is wasted each year? It’s such a shame that we are wasting so much food – both financially & environmentally. The aim of the #FoodSavvy challenge is to reduce our food waste by 20% & decrease single-use plastics by 10% within a month. Can it be done? Here’s my plan…


My 4 tips for making the best ever coconut flour banana bread

I love banana bread. It’s my favourite way to use up slightly-too-soft bananas. So much so, that I sometimes deliberately let bananas go off just so that I have an excuse to make banana bread. It’s sweet without being too unhealthy, and I love to throw in some sultanas and cinnamon to give it a festive feel in the autumn. Here are my tips to making the best coconut flour banana bread:


The #FoodSavvy challenge – How I reduced my food waste in February

For the entire month of February, I took on environmental charity Hubbub’s #FoodSavvy challenge to try to reduce my food waste within 4 weeks. Did you know that in Norfolk and Suffolk alone up to 113,000 TONNES of food waste goes in the bin? Here’s how you can reduce your food waste too…


3 Easy recipes that you didn’t know could be made in a pressure cooker

When it comes to cooking, pressure cookers tops the market as one of the kitchen appliances that people invest in. After all, it helps you cook meals faster and can make certain foods (like tough meat) become tender as quickly as possible. It helps us save time and money, so what’s not to love? In my household, most of the time, we prefer an electric pressure cooker to prepare a hearty meal, especially at this time of year – who doesn’t love a good stew, eh?


Food For Thought recipe – Sirloin steak with boulangere potatoes

Did you know that on average Brits take just 26 seconds appreciating their recipes before tucking in? That’s probably how long it takes to take your plate from the kitchen to the dining table and pick up a knife and fork. Today’s blog post is all about slowing down and appreciating our meals more, including a delicious steak recipe to get you started…


How to bake the ultimate chocolate celebration cake

Can anything beat chocolate cake for dessert when you’re planning a celebration? Gooey, rich and sooo moist, this extreme chocolate cake recipe makes a fantastic birthday cake. The silky chocolate icing and the chocolate flakes on the top give it an irresistible appearance. Simply pop a few candles on the top and you’re ready to celebrate that special occasion. Here’s how to bake it…


Guest post: 4 Quick, easy and low-cost homemade baby food recipes

When your baby makes the big transition to eating solid foods, it’s an exciting time and they should enjoy trying out new tastes and textures. Here’s how to create some delicious homemade dishes for your little one at a fraction of the price of ready-made meals.


How to cook the perfect roast beef

Roast beef is a family favourite in the UK, especially on a Sunday, and I just love it combined with crispy roast potatoes and puffy


Italian-inspired stacked burger recipe

You may have noticed from my recent blog posts that I’ve been getting back into the kitchen over the past few weeks. I’m actually planning


Chocolate gingerbread skeletons recipe for Halloween

A slightly different take on the classic festive gingerbread man, this cookie dough contains cocoa powder so it produces a dark, crisp biscuit. When cut out with a gingerbread cutter they’re the perfect shape for icing a skeleton design for Halloween.


Pieday Friday – Kitchen mishaps

Over the years I’ve come realise that I’m quite a clumsy person. I trip over on flat pavements and I bruise myself almost daily by


Pieday Friday – Eat well & healthily this year

I’m sharing money-saving tips for eating well and healthily this new year. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to make a change to the way you approach meal times AND treat yourself with the care that your body deserves.


Healthy pastry-free quiche recipe

Today’s Pieday Friday recipe is so simple that I can’t believe I’ve not baked it before. Considering that quiche is one of my most-loved dishes

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