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Natural and vegan beauty brands from around the world

I’ve often written about my favourite natural beauty products but, as I live in England, most of these UK-based brands and I want to spread the message about vegan beauty companies from around the world so that everyone can get on board the cruelty-free train…

Cruelty-free Life

Natural, vegan and plastic-free beauty treats for autumn

As we head into a new season (and begin to prepare for the busy festive rush!) I’ve come up with a list of lovely beauty treats that we all deserve to enjoy this autumn. Whether you need hydrating skincare for the changing weather or even just relaxing day to yourself, these treats are recyclable, cruelty-free and natural. Enjoy..!


Natural and sustainable beauty gift ideas for Christmas

There’s nothing more luxurious than receiving a lovely skincare or haircare treat at Christmas. Even though we all joke about getting a pack of ‘smellies’ each year, it actually feels rather pampering to receive a cruelty-free, natural product, especially if it has the added bonus of being recyclable too. Here are some sustainable gift ideas…


Post-lockdown skincare – natural solutions for ‘maskne’

It’s likely that we’ll still be wearing masks for many months to come, so it’s important to consider our post-lockdown skincare routine. Here are some natural solutions to help prevent outbreaks of ‘maskne’ – blemishes caused by regular mask wearing…


How to DIY a customised gift hamper for any occasion

Whether you’re heading to a wedding, looking for the ideal birthday gift or simply want to show a friend how much you care, a gift hamper is always a winner. It’s a thrifty way to treat that special someone AND it can be customised to suit their interests. Here’s how to make one yourself…


How to make savings on your summer essentials

With the promise of a long hot summer to come, now is the perfect time to get your warm-weather essentials sorted. If you plan ahead, you’ll be able to find the best (and lowest!) prices on the things you need to survive the summer…


5 Low-cost recipes & methods to take care of your skin on a budget

If you’ve ever been to those beauty counters in department stores or have shopped online for skin care products you will know how expensive they can be. Even brands that are seen as ‘cheaper alternatives’ are still expensive. So, in today’s post, I’m taking a look at some budget skincare options that you can use to look after your skin. I wrote how the winter weather can affect your skin last month so this time I’ve come up with some low-cost solutions and recipes to DIY your skincare…


Guest Post: 5 Natural alternatives to expensive skin care products

Everyday stress and pollution can cause a lot of damage to your skin. There are skincare products you can use to help you combat these negative effects, but they can also be very expensive, so here are five natural alternatives—some of which you may find in your very own kitchen:

Cassiefairy's News

I’m a finalist in the Cruelty-Free Blogger Awards

Amazing news! I was shocked and delighted to find out that I’ve been shortlisted in the Cruelty-Free Blogger Awards 2018! I discovered the news on Twitter and have been shouting it from the roof tops ever since! Now I need your help to win, so please vote for me!

Cruelty-free Life

Cruelty-free cleaning products & natural haircare from Oxfam

If you’re into cruelty-free living and eco-friendly products like me, you’ll be as interested as I was in the two new ranges of cleaning products and toiletries that I discovered this month. And the best thing is that buying these ethical products helps to support a charity too, so read on to see what I discovered on the Oxfam website…


Which broadband suppliers are the most ethical & eco-friendly?

The ethical shopping movement doesn’t stop at the places you buy your food and clothing; it can include your utilities and broadband service provider as well. If you’re interested in sustainable brands, here’s a list of some utilities suppliers who can help your bills become more ethical too…


6 Common haircare myths you shouldn’t believe

In order to maintain a perfectly healthy and lustrous mane, the experts have come up with different ideas of how best to manage hair – but should all that advice be believed? Myths are rife in haircare. And some of them could very well get you caught up in unhealthy hair care practices. If you want to grow your hair longer or simply have stronger, healthier hair there are several myths that you can ignore and still have great looking hair…


How to boost your health & beauty regime for autumn

September seems to be the natural start for any new regime, doesn’t it? I guess it’s the new academic year that makes this month feel like a fresh start. Plus, the seasons seem to change the moment that September hits and that’s when we need to address parts of our health and beauty regime to keep ourselves happy, healthy and looking great throughout the autumn and winter. Here are some easy swaps I’ve made this September to cope with the changing seasons to come…


3 Ways to save money on beauty and cosmetics

Great news! Your beauty and cosmetic routines do not have to consist of costly, overpriced products and procedures. I’ve been blogging about cruelty-free beauty for a few years now and I’ve found that it’s not only an ethical way to shop, but it’s also cost-effective too. That said, you don’t have to splash out for named brands and special formulas when you can DIY some beauty items and get a discount on the rest. Here are a few tips on how you can save money whilst still looking good…


3 Possible budget-friendly solutions to rid your home of dampness

No one wants to live in a damp house. It can be very uncomfortable, especially during the winter months as it will only make your place feel colder so why not tackle it now, before it becomes a bigger problem? You might think that you’ll need to call professionals in order to get rid of dampness in your home but the good news is that there are budget-friendly ways you can solve your damp and mold problems yourself. Here’s how…


Frugal fashion: Costume jewellery vs sterling silver jewellery

I’ve always believed that there’s a difference between being frugal and being cheap. So, when it comes to jewellery, is it better to buy cheap jewellery that costs less to replace or should you invest in high-quality jewellery? As a frugal fashionista, your choice ultimately comes down to pricing so here are the considerations for and against buying ‘real’ vs ‘costume’ jewellery…

Cruelty-free Life

5 Easy (money-saving!) ideas to make your home and life more sustainable

Everyone wants to do their little bit to help the environment and there are so many effective, yet simple changes that could be done around the house that could help the world become more sustainable. Here are just 5 great ideas that you could do on a day-to-day basis that will really contribute to a better planet. Oh, and some of them will even save you some money too..!

Special Occasions

Meaningful gifts that mum will enjoy way beyond Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day is coming up on 31st March so I thought I’d blog some gift ideas in advance to give you time to head to the shop or put in your orders online. There’s something for all tastes and budgets in my gift guide so I hope you’ll find something that your mum will love…


My cruelty-free night-time routine

Today I’m sharing my night-time routine along with a little cruelty-free product review. Remember when I blogged about my first impressions of The Hero Project


Cruelty-free winter skin care

At this time of year I like to give my skincare routine a bit of a shake up. With all this warm air indoors and cold

Cruelty-free Life

Cruelty-free Laundry

In my quest to live a cruelty-free life, there was one thing that I hadn’t really thought about: Laundry. When you think about cruelty-free, you


What’s in my cruelty-free make-up bag?

Earlier this year I made the switch over to living a cruelty-free life. I’ve been gradually replacing all my products with their non-animal-tested counterparts over recent

DIY furniture makeovers

DIY new baby bundle gift basket

If you want to treat a new mum (and give some gorgeous gifts to the little one too) why not create a DIY baby bundle


Living a cruelty-free life

I want my life to be cruelty-free. This is something that has been important to me for a while and I’d love to share my

Personal development

No wifi for the weekend

When was the last time that you went offline? For me, it’s probably been years. Ever since I got my first smart phone I’ve not


A beach bathroom makeover on a budget

With more sunny days than not in recent weeks, my thoughts have turned to summer holidays. While I’m not actually planning to jet off anywhere luxurious

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