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When you start going outdoors more during the summer, you start to notice things that need doing around the garden. This is certainly the case with me; I’ve been weeding all weekend and have started making plans for some nice new flower beds. Hubby and I have also recently been given a garage so we’ve been spending time in the garden thinking about what we can do with it.

Of course, the obvious thing is to park the car in it but then again we’ve never had a garage before and got by pretty well by parking our car on the driveway. It would be a different story if the garage were to be used to house a mini-cooper renovation project but that’s unlikely to happen in the near future!

DIY makeover ideas for this little old garage -1

The most likely use for the garage is storage but what hubby really wants for the garage is to use it as a workshop space. Chris from Prestige Doors agrees “Garages are great, they can be used for cars, hiding all your junk or even a workshop, use your summer to turn it into something nice and meaningful”.

I’d like it to be the kind of place that your granddad would have, with workbenches, saws and pliers hanging on the walls. The kind of workshop where everything has its place and where you can find everything you need: Want a hook? no problem! New hinge for a door? It’s right here! Need a shelf putting up? Just let me get my drill! That kind of workshop.

We’ve attempted to sort out a workshop space before but it always gets filled up with stuff we need to store, carboot sale junk and things that we might need one day. But this time it will be different. And hubby will get that messy-yet-tidy space he’s always wanted so that he can play around with his Makita power tools and make things with his bare hands.

The only thing is that I’m a little bit worried about the garage itself. It’s in good condition and the roof doesn’t leak, it has guttering and a good pair of strong doors. But what is it made of? Can we drill into the walls to hang storage units? Will we need to get in a specialist? I have no idea. All the people I’ve asked say it looks okay and should be fine as long as we’re not going to be dismantling it, which of course we are not. I’m just very over-cautious when it comes to things like this so for now I’m going to suggest that hubby doesn’t start drilling the walls and sticks to free-standing storage units!

I’ll share more photos of the inside of the garage when we start work on it and I’m hoping that it will turn out something like these amazing work-spaces that I’ve found on pinterest and pinned on my ‘garden’ board 😉


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