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If you need inspiration for your making your house a home, but have a budget to stick to, you’ve come to the right place.

I too want to be as frugal as possible with the money I invest in my home. I’ve remodelled my own fixer-upper and have shared all the dos and don’ts along the way

Browse through my DIY posts and upcyling projects room-by-room to get advice on renovating your home, inspiration for revamping furniture, and discover thrifty ways to decorate on a budget…


Cassiefairy's News

My Picquot Ware article is in Reclaim magazine!

They always say ‘write what you know’ don’t they? So, I couldn’t ignore my instinct to talk about this British brand with as many people as possible. I sat at my laptop and blurted out all the knowledge I’d gained over the years and then carefully spent many hours refining my excited ramblings. The piece has been published in Issue 30 and it’s on sale now! I just hope Reclaim’s readers enjoy the piece as much as I enjoyed writing it!


What is friluftsliv & why is it the new hygge?

For the past few years we’ve all be striving to get that hygge feeling in our homes. But this autumn, a new scandi style is influencing our homes and lives: friluftsliv. But what does this mean? How can friluftsliv improve our living environment and make us feel happier? Read on to find out more…


How to keep that airy feeling in your home during Autumn

If you’ve been enjoying the bright and airy feeling you get in your home during the summer months, today’s interior inspiration blog post may give you some ideas for keeping your house looking fresh and light during the darker days of autumn, using clever lighting, window treatments and more..!


4 Tips to bring your lawn back to life as fast as possible

Over the past few months, most people´s lawns have suffered. In the UK, and indeed in many other parts of the world, it has been hot and dry for a long time. For many homeowners, it has been impossible to water the grass enough, so now it’s bone dry and rather brown! There are few tricks you can use to help your lawn spring back to life so read on to get a head start on improving your garden…


8 Practical ways to improve your sleep environment

Good sleep is essential – without it, your daily life may suffer so it’s time to make sleep a priority! There are many ways to improve your bedtime routine, such as reading and relaxing before bed and eating sleep-friendly foods, but many people forget one very important aspect: the sleep environment. If you value your sleep health, you need to look at how your bedroom affects it and what you can do to make it better. Here are some tips for maximising your sleep environment today…


6 Tricks to make your small bedroom look larger

Let’s face it; decorating a small bedroom to make it look more spacious is often frustrating and challenging. But honestly, it’s fun once you learn the creative decorating tricks that can create the illusion of space. Today I’m working with House Tipster to bring you some of the tricks of the trade that can make your small bedroom look larger, so read on to find out how…


How to create a low-maintenance kitchen garden

Ever wanted to have a gorgeous garden full of foliage and beautiful blooms that takes no time at all to maintain? That’s my plan and it’s exactly what I’m blogging about today! Read on to find out some handy tips to create a low-maintenance garden with plants and veg that take no effort to grow…


Before renovating your bathroom, read this…

Are you excited to renovate your bathroom? Have you been waiting to renovate the space ever since you moved in? Before you start ripping out the suite, take a deep breath and make sure you’re ready to get started. The following are some of the things that you will want to do before anything else..


How to break down DIY tasks into easy weekend projects

If you think you’ve got no time for fixing up your home, think again! You may believe that DIY tasks will require too much energy after a long week but the reality is that many updates can be performed over a series of free weekends. Breaking a project down into smaller parts makes it more manageable and removes some of the resistance to getting started on a DIY task. This also has the side benefit of spreading the cost over time. Whether that’s buying some pots of paint, replacing tiles on the bathroom wall or putting in a better garden fence, dividing expenses over a few weeks or months isn’t a bad thing! Here are 5 ways to update your home and garden that are cost effective and relatively painless to do…


5 Low-cost ways to give your home a contemporary feel

Whilst some do still love the idea of a timeless home, many are embracing the future and transforming their home into something that is modern and minimalist. There are so many ways that you can make a space feel contemporary and I’m sharing a few of those ideas today; some of them are large projects that are going to take time, whilst some are smaller projects that won’t take long at all. If you are thinking about making your home feel truly modern, then why not take a look at these 5 projects for inspiration…


Pet bed makeover project with upcycled jumper pillows

Another day, another DIY and today I’ve been renovating an old pet bed for my cats. What kitty doesn’t want a cosy knitted pillow to sleep on and fluffy pom-poms to play with? Here’s how to give your pet’s basket a quick makeover that matches your decor, too…


Thrifty decorating tips from DIYDirect.com

Today I’ve teamed up with online DIY retailer DIYDirect.com to give you some advice when it comes to decorating – and in particular, how you can be as thrifty as possible in your project…


6 Tips for choosing your dream mattress on a budget

If you’re tossing and turning in bed at night, it could be down the scorching hot weather we’ve been having recently. OR it could be your bed that’s giving you sleepless nights. If you’re thinking of updating your bedroom with a new bed – or even just a new mattress – here’s a quick guide of things to look out for when doing your research…


How to style your home like the Love Island villa

If you’ve been admiring the decor of the Love Island villa I’ll show you how to recreate it in your own home – the thrifty way! In today’s post I’m tackling the interior so here are some ways that you can bring a bit of the Love Island magic into your home.


Small scale home improvements to boost kerb appeal

It can be difficult to find a balance between spending time and money on improving and your home versus actually enjoying it! Here are a few small ways that you can renovate your home to boost its kerb appeal, while still taking pleasure in the process..

DIY furniture makeovers

DIY Mid-century marquetry project using vinyl

Have you noticed that wood marquetry is making a comeback? I’ve spotted countless mid-century pieces with a variety of shapes and patterns adorning the wood. If you’d like to recreate this look in your own home without spending a fortune, you can upcycle your furniture yourself and here’s how…

Events & Entertainment

How to style your garden like the Love Island villa

Do you dream of having a fresh, bright and colourful home just like the Love Island villa? Today I’m taking garden design inspiration from the Love Island complex and finding ways to recreate this Mediterranean paradise in your own garden here in the UK – starting with lots and lots of fairy lights..! 


Traditional housewarming gifts to buy or make

Did you know that housewarming gifts have a meaning behind them? Just like anniversary gifts, the present wrap up to congratulate a friend on their new home can have a significant meaning. So here are some ideas for housewarming presents that combine those customs alongside a handy gift or tasty treat…


How to upcycle a shed + ideas for a low-cost garden

If you’re planning on landscaping your garden or installing features like a pond or patio, here’s my tips for doing it on a budget – with photos of my own attempts at salvaging a shed for the garden…


How to add colour & pattern to your floors (the easy way!)

What’s the quickest and easiest way to update your floors with a splash of colour or a sprinkling of fun pattern? Why, vinyl of course! Things have come a long way since those stick-backed vinyl tiles of your childhood and there are plenty more options in terms of design than ever before. So don’t dismiss this thrifty way of decorating your floors and read on to find out why I’m planning on using vinyl in my home…

Kitsch Kitchen

Interiors inspiration – Do you need a rug in your kitchen?

When decorating or designing a kitchen, one of the most common points of discussion stems from using kitchen rugs. Some people swear by them, making that morning walk to the kettle in the cold winter a little bit easier. Other people worry that they are nothing more than a fire hazard, and make it hard to cook without worrying about splashing onto the rug. So, with that in mind, do you really need a kitchen rug?


My little vintage caravan – a new (permanent!) place to park it

I’m finally making a start on my garden. This will be the second summer we’ve lived in our house and last year was completely taken up with renovating the interior. But now my attention has turned to the garden and the landscaping I’d like to do out there. But what about my little vintage caravan, I hear you ask? It’s very much at the centre of my garden design and here’s why… 


Using texture, colour & light to create ambience in your home

Having your own space is important, but how it makes you feel when you’re at home is even more crucial. From pendant lights to cosy furnishings, adding the softer touches to your interior design can help to create a room with character, atmosphere and a mood. Here’s a few ideas for adding that all-important ambience to your home when you’re on a budget…


The most popular design choices of different generations

It is no secret that different generations like different things. Not only does this pop up in fashion choices, but also in the style they have in their homes. So, with this in mind, what are the most popular design choices of different generations and how do you get the look for less? 

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