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My thrifty kitchen makeover – how to save money on flooring

After years of talking about it, months of planning and weeks of installation, my newly remodelled kitchen is complete! Of course, I tried to save money at every stage of the renovation process so here’s how I got the floor of my dreams for a fraction of the cost…


5 Reasons to DIY budget-friendly window shutters

If, like me, you’re renovating your kitchen, my recent research might help you to decide which window treatments to choose and how to save money by going for the DIY option of wooden shutters…


Natural and environmentally-friendly flooring for a ‘healthy home’

I’ve been looking for sustainable & natural flooring for my kitchen. It needs to be moisture resistant, easy to clean, simple to install and hardwearing. Is that too much to ask?? Here are some of the products I’ve discovered during my search for ‘healthy home’ flooring…


The Doorganiser: How to DIY a family organiser on a door

To make the most of the understairs cupboard I’ve transformed the door into a ‘doorganiser’ – a place to store essentials, create a weekly planner for the family & write shopping lists. Here’s how to make your own door organiser by upcycling DIY offcuts…


House tour of stylist Tamsyn Morgans’ fairytale vintage home

When I first discovered stylist and photographer Tamsyn Morgans, I was blown away by her beautiful images and fairy-tale-esque interiors. Today I’m sharing a house tour of Tamsyn’s home on my blog so read on to step inside her whimsical, vintage world…


5 Surprising ways to use steam for a quick & easy new year clean-up

I don’t know about you but, almost as soon as Christmas is over, I start thinking about the big clean-up I’m going to do when the tree comes down and the decorations are put away. Even if you don’t usually like household chores (yes, that’s me!), if you own one simple tool you can make most chores an absolute breeze…


3 Ways to cut the ongoing costs of your kitchen appliances

When planning a kitchen makeover, it’s surprisingly easy to make aesthetic decisions that might actually be less cost-effective in the long run. So, if you’re researching a renovation project and need to make decisions about your appliances, here are three things to consider to help you save money going forward…

Kitsch Kitchen

4 Simple steps to a greener and more environmentally-friendly kitchen

While more and more people every day are looking for new methods to go green at home, many start with their own kitchens. You may be surprised to learn that each kitchen is adding to the nation’s environmental damage every day and even the smallest of changes can make a significant difference. To give you a few ideas, here are four simple tips that can make your kitchen a greener and more environmentally friendly place…


Step-by-step video to revamp a PVC door with a pop of summery colour

Old and stained double-glazed doors can make your entire home look tired, and no amount of cleaning can get them back to their box-fresh whiteness. PVC doors can be costly to replace so why not spruce them up with a coat of paint? Not possible? Here’s how I revamped my ugly kitchen door with a vibrant pop of colour to keep summery vibes in my home for longer..!


Step-by-step video to restore & reupholster vintage kitchen chairs

Last week I mentioned that I’m currently working on renovating my kitchen and that I’d already revamped a few retro kitchen chairs. I’ve since been asked how I restored these junk-shop finds to their former glory so I thought I’d put together a little video to show you how to upholster a kitchen chair and renovate the wooden frame…


My thrifty 50s kitchen renovation: What’s next on the to-do list…

To be honest with you, the kitchen was one of the most disgusting rooms in our fixer-upper home. So it was kind-of the room we tackled first. It got a coat of fresh white paint (to cover up the oil-and-nicotine stained walls eww) on the day we got the keys. We’ve since painted the existing cabinets. which has freshened up the units. But there’s still plenty more to do…

DIY furniture makeovers

How to incorporate mid-century design into your contemporary home

You only have to open up the Pinterest home page to discover a multitude of ways to incorporate mid-century design into your home. It’s no longer about choosing a ’50s, ’60s or ’70s “theme” that you have to commit to, it’s about choosing sleek designs that fit into your 21st century home perfectly. Here’s how…


How to identify vintage Hornsea & 3 ways to style it in your home

If you’ve got some Hornsea pottery or simply like the mid-century style of their designs, here’s how you can identify the pottery as original pieces, and some suggestions for using the designs to style your modern home with a touch of mid-century pattern…


5 Things you can do to remodel your kitchen without overspending

Even though a kitchen revamp can be costly, a few simple changes to the room – a new wall colour or a few trendy décor pieces – can add value to your home with very little outlay. Here are some more design ideas to effectively update your kitchen without overspending…

Kitsch Kitchen

4 Kitchen tools you will need this autumn

There are certain tools no kitchen should be without, especially when cooking hearty meals during the colder months – do you have them in your cupboards?? Read on to find out which kitchen essentials you’ll need to create healthy dinners this autumn…

Cassiefairy's News

My Picquot Ware article is in Reclaim magazine!

They always say ‘write what you know’ don’t they? So, I couldn’t ignore my instinct to talk about this British brand with as many people as possible. I sat at my laptop and blurted out all the knowledge I’d gained over the years and then carefully spent many hours refining my excited ramblings. The piece has been published in Issue 30 and it’s on sale now! I just hope Reclaim’s readers enjoy the piece as much as I enjoyed writing it!


How to keep that airy feeling in your home during Autumn

If you’ve been enjoying the bright and airy feeling you get in your home during the summer months, today’s interior inspiration blog post may give you some ideas for keeping your house looking fresh and light during the darker days of autumn, using clever lighting, window treatments and more..!

Kitsch Kitchen

Interiors inspiration – Do you need a rug in your kitchen?

When decorating or designing a kitchen, one of the most common points of discussion stems from using kitchen rugs. Some people swear by them, making that morning walk to the kettle in the cold winter a little bit easier. Other people worry that they are nothing more than a fire hazard, and make it hard to cook without worrying about splashing onto the rug. So, with that in mind, do you really need a kitchen rug?


An update on my Kitchen makeover

I’m about to start work on my DIY kitchen makeover. I say ‘makeover’ rather than ‘fitting’ because we’re keeping the kitchen units in place and


Open plan or broken plan?

Multi-functional rooms have been a trend for a while now, and it doesn’t look as though they’re going away any time soon. As more and


Kitchen tile trends for 2017

Can you believe that we’re already five months into 2017?! With that in mind I thought it was about time I teamed up with those

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