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If you need inspiration for your making your house a home, but have a budget to stick to, you’ve come to the right place.

I too want to be as frugal as possible with the money I invest in my home. I’ve remodelled my own fixer-upper and have shared all the dos and don’ts along the way

Browse through my DIY posts and upcyling projects room-by-room to get advice on renovating your home, inspiration for revamping furniture, and discover thrifty ways to decorate on a budget…



5 Things you can do to remodel your kitchen without overspending

Even though a kitchen revamp can be costly, a few simple changes to the room – a new wall colour or a few trendy décor pieces – can add value to your home with very little outlay. Here are some more design ideas to effectively update your kitchen without overspending…

Home buying

3 ways to revamp what you already have to create a decor you love

If you’ve lived in your home for a considerable amount of time, you might be considering giving it a fresh new look. However, if you don’t have the budget, you might be putting it off until you can afford it. Thankfully, there are tons of really beautiful renovation projects you can do on a budget, so here are three ways that you can make an impact in your home without spending a small fortune…

Art & Photography

Framing art prints and posters for my monochrome bedroom

Has the new year given you a burst of enthusiasm for getting your home organised? That’s how I’ve been feeling this year and I’ve been trying to sort out all the things that I’d been putting off during 2018. This week I’m tackling the artwork I’ve been collecting – it’s finally going on the wall..!

Home buying

4 Ways to boost the value of your home before renegotiating your mortgage

As a homeowner, there will inevitably be times when you need to renegotiate your mortgage. It could be that you want to get a more favourable interest rate after a fixed term, or to access to cash by re-mortgaging your home. Of course, part of this process is a home valuation survey, which means that your home needs to be in tip-top condition, so here are 4 ways that you can get your home ready and hopefully boost it’s value…


4 Things you can do to refresh your bathroom without breaking the bank

Every now and again, most homeowners seek a change; something that will give a fresh new look to their home or a project that will reflect their changing needs or personal preferences. If the time has come to give your bathroom a nice uplift and create a more luxury look, the ideas below will help you get started…


Three things that’ll get you motivated to revamp your home this year

Ready to spruce up your home this year? Great! Whether you’re completely revamping a recently purchased property, preparing your home for a sale later in the year or adding a dash of contemporary character to a specific room – here are a few tips to get you started on your decorating journey in 2019…


2019: The Year of the Garden (at least, it will be for us at Cassiefairy HQ!)

We’re only three weeks into the new year and already there have been massive changes afoot at Cassiefairy HQ. We’ve been DIYing in earnest and I’m exhausted just thinking about it! You see, we’ve decided that 2019 will the be the ‘year of the garden’ and we’re tackling a landscaping project for the first time. Here’s what we’ve got planned and how we’re getting on…

Home buying

Guest post – 3 Things to look for when buying a holiday home

Many of us harbour dreams of one day buying our own holiday home. Not only can it be a treasured home away from home, a place to escape to when your everyday routine gets tedious, but it can also be a fantastic investment for the future. This post details the most important things to look for when buying a holiday home, to ensure that your get the very best value for your money and get to enjoy your property for years to come…

Cassiefairy's News

How to style a retro cocktail cabinet for your New Year’s Eve party

If you’re planning a party for New Year’s Eve, why not make it a retro one? Step back in time to the 70s and recreate the cocktail cabinet that all mid-century housewives wished they had. We’ve styled up this G Plan Fresco cabinet with vintage barware and snacks so here’s how you can do the same…

Home buying

What are the best types of UK rental properties to invest in?

Investing in property for buy to let purposes can be an incredibly worthwhile and lucrative venture. The UK is one of the best places in the world for property investment, with the buy to let market in a number of cities such as Liverpool and Manchester offering impressive rental yields and increasing demand. If you’re keen to explore the UK property market even further and are considering making your own investment, take a look at this guide I’ve created with the help of RW Invest to discover some of the best type of properties to go for…


Beginners guide to buying-to-let – what you need to know before you invest

For many people who want to invest in property, a buy to let mortgage is a good option, allowing them to borrow the money they need for their property investment. I’ve been looking into the idea of buying to let in the future as a ‘pension plan’ for myself and my husband. There are a number of differences between buy to let mortgages and normal residential mortgages so I thought I’d share my research with you today and help you get to grips with these differences…


Lighting up my home for winter using smart technology & smart bulbs

If you want to learn more about creating your very own smart home (without rewiring your whole house!) today’s blog post is for you! I’m sharing my honest experience of smart lighting for the first time, plus I’ve got a Phillips Hue Starter Kit to give away to one lucky reader in my competition so read on to find out how to enter…


My freelance life: Why working from home can save you money

Other than an improved work-life balance, working from home has many benefits – and the extra money in your pocket is a big incentive. If you were to work out how much money you spend going to the office each day, you would be amazed. Allow me to throw some figures at you…

DIY furniture makeovers

How to DIY a retro cocktail cabinet for your festive parties

If you’re planning to entertain over Christmas and New Year, it’s a great idea to have a cocktail cabinet ass a place to serve delicious drinks to your guests. Here’s how to make your own DIY retro bar from an old display cabinet…


5 Ways to make your rental property warmer & more efficient

Now that the cold winter months have arrived it’s time to make sure our homes are warm and cosy. Landlords now have to make sure their properties are more energy efficient – good news for us renters as it could save us valuable pounds! Here are a few DIY jobs you could do to make your rental home a little toastier…

Home buying

Moving to a new house? 5 Things to inspect before you move in

Buying a new home is a really exciting time even if it often feels like it takes forever between finding the house and completing on the purchase. But just because the mortgage company has completed a survey, it doesn’t mean that the house is ready for you. There are several other things you should have inspected before you move in…


Step-by-step DIY: How to upcycle a rusty old metal filing cabinet

If you long to create the home office of your dreams but have been shocked by the price of office storage furniture, today’s DIY project could be the solution. Here’s how to upcycle a rusty old filing cabinet so that you can add castors for a flexible office configuration, or turn it into a desk with built-in drawers…


Autumn decor projects to light up your interior this November

Autumn is here, so that means it’s time to get out the kids’ winter clothing, mow the grass one final time, and fill your home with festive decor. But if you’re not quite ready to go full-on Christmas just yet, here are some easy and low-cost ways to decorate your home for autumn using things you already have…


The history of Stag furniture + Badger Cottage interiors feature

If you love iconic mid-century design as much as I do, this month’s Reclaim magazine is for you! My Design Icon feature is all about Stag furniture and, in particular, John and Sylvia Reid’s designs. I also got the chance to visit the beautiful Badger Cottage to write an interiors feature so it’s well worth a read…

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