4 Sleep tactics to minimise disturbances and help you snooze more soundly

Sleep is something we all need but that some of us find difficult to achieve. Aside from lifestyle elements that might keep you awake – children, work patterns, caffeine – there are other important factors that can have an impact on your ability to sleep soundly. Here are some tactics to tackle those disturbances…


5 Ways to make the most of a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom and feel like you need more space, here are five ways that you can easily and cheaply make the most of the room you have so that it feels more spacious…


4 Easy low-cost & FREE ways to refresh your bedroom for spring

Over the winter we often like to keep our bedrooms warm and cosy, with thick duvets and blankets, but there are so many benefits to refreshing your rooms for spring, including better sleep and a healthier space. These free or low-cost ideas will help you to achieve that crisp, fresh feeling…


How to DIY a matching pair of bedside tables from an old chest of drawers

When I needed a pair of bedside tables but couldn’t find the mid-century modern style I wanted in the shops, I decided to make some myself. A small chest of drawers and some mid-century style screw-in legs from an old planter were all the materials I needed to create my minimalist beside units.


6 Soft furnishing sewing projects & how to find fabrics on a budget

Making your own soft furnishings is one of the easiest DIY projects to tackle for your home. Here’s a round-up of simple sewing projects (and some no-sew ones too!) that’ll help you update your decor. Plus, I’ve shared some thrifty ways to get hold of suitable fabrics too…


5 Clever storage solutions for new homeowners

As a new homeowner, finding innovative ways to store your belongings is essential for maintaining a clutter-free and organised living space. Here are my ultimate space-saving storage ideas…


How to DIY that holiday home look in your own bedroom

It’s so lovely to escape for a short break every once in a while, but just what is it that makes a holiday home feel so relaxing? And how can you DIY that look and feel in your own house? Here are some tips to achieve that getaway vibe on a budget…


3 Hottest wallpaper patterns to try & how to do it your own way

Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to bring a whole new look to your interior. Just a roll or two can make all the difference with a feature wall that brings impact and colour. Here are three of the hottest trends, and different ways to make them work in your home…


6 Hacks for sleeping well (even when you’ve got little ones!)

How did you sleep last night? Do you feel rested? Are you enjoying your day today? Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your mood, productivity and health, but it’s not just an issue to consider alone; it is a family issue. Here are 6 sleep hacks to help you sleep well as a family…


10 Ways to tune out of your tech to get a much better night’s sleep

After going to the 24 hour festival First Light last weekend and realising just how much sleep I actually do need, I’ve being doing some research into ways to sleep better. Today’s blog post contain a few of the tech-related tips that could help you to tune out and get a great night’s sleep – here’s how…


How to redecorate and refresh your bedroom when you’re on a budget

Why is it that the vast majority of the time we neglect our bedrooms the most out of all of the rooms in the house? Sure, we are probably the only ones to actually see our bedrooms, and we’re mostly asleep when we’re in there – but that doesn’t mean they can’t become a tranquil space for some much-needed ‘me time’ – here’s how…


How to find extra space in your home for visitors and relatives

You might think that your family home is already full to bursting point, with kids, pets and all the things that come with them. Then you get a call, and your friends are coming to stay! How will you accommodate them? And what about when a parent or grandparent can no longer live independently? Can you fit them in too? Let’s find extra space in your home that you’re not already using…


How to make a platform bed from pallets

If you need a bed but are on a budget, why not make one yourself? Today’s blog post shows you how to build a platform bed on wheels using pallets, with step-by-step photos of the whole process. If, like me, you’re a fan of upcycling and like to build things with pallet wood, the newly published book Pallet Style by Nikkita Palmer and Billy Barker is the one for you. And the great news is that I’ve got a copy of the book to give away to one lucky winner so read on to enter..!

Art & Photography

Framing art prints and posters for my monochrome bedroom

Has the new year given you a burst of enthusiasm for getting your home organised? That’s how I’ve been feeling this year and I’ve been trying to sort out all the things that I’d been putting off during 2018. This week I’m tackling the artwork I’ve been collecting – it’s finally going on the wall..!


The history of Stag furniture + Badger Cottage interiors feature

If you love iconic mid-century design as much as I do, this month’s Reclaim magazine is for you! My Design Icon feature is all about Stag furniture and, in particular, John and Sylvia Reid’s designs. I also got the chance to visit the beautiful Badger Cottage to write an interiors feature so it’s well worth a read…


9 Low-cost ways to create a cosy bedroom & a happy home 

Home décor is an essential part of happy living. But it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to look good and can actually make you feel happy to come back home in the evening. Here a few of things you can easily use to decorate your bedroom with the least effort and money…


New interiors trend – How to make a statement with your ceilings

What do your ceilings look like? My guess is that they’re painted white, possibly textured and definitely without wallpaper, right? Well the latest interiors trend that I’ve spotted all over Pinterest is decorated ceilings. This under-utilised space above your head can now be adorned with images, patterns and effects. So, read on to find out some ways to incorporate this trend into your own home…


Cosy autumnal styling hacks from Danish, Irish & US homes

Are you feeling autumnal? Has the new season hit you yet? If you’re already putting the thick duvet on the bed and adding blankets to the sofa, this interior styling post is for you! Here’s how to get that cosy autumnal feeling in your own home, taking inspiration from Irish, Danish and American interiors…


Quick makeover tips for a magazine-worthy bedroom

Have you ever flicked through a home décor magazine and wished that your bedroom was just as beautiful as the ones on those pages? We all know that the costs of decorating such bedrooms can be super high so you may feel discouraged about even thinking of giving your own room a makeover. Well, no more! With a few easy and quick hacks, you can get the bedroom of your dreams without having to spend a fortune…


How to prepare your spare room for Airbnb hosting

Offering holiday accommodation in your spare room is a great way of making a little extra cash. But how do you do it? Here are some easy ways to keep a spare room useful for yourself AND comfortable enough for Airbnb guests.


How to keep that airy feeling in your home during Autumn

If you’ve been enjoying the bright and airy feeling you get in your home during the summer months, today’s interior inspiration blog post may give you some ideas for keeping your house looking fresh and light during the darker days of autumn, using clever lighting, window treatments and more..!


8 Practical ways to improve your sleep environment

Good sleep is essential – without it, your daily life may suffer so it’s time to make sleep a priority! There are many ways to improve your bedtime routine, such as reading and relaxing before bed and eating sleep-friendly foods, but many people forget one very important aspect: the sleep environment. If you value your sleep health, you need to look at how your bedroom affects it and what you can do to make it better. Here are some tips for maximising your sleep environment today…


6 Tricks to make your small bedroom look larger

Let’s face it; decorating a small bedroom to make it look more spacious is often frustrating and challenging. But honestly, it’s fun once you learn the creative decorating tricks that can create the illusion of space. Today I’m working with House Tipster to bring you some of the tricks of the trade that can make your small bedroom look larger, so read on to find out how…


6 Tips for choosing your dream mattress on a budget

If you’re tossing and turning in bed at night, it could be down the scorching hot weather we’ve been having recently. OR it could be your bed that’s giving you sleepless nights. If you’re thinking of updating your bedroom with a new bed – or even just a new mattress – here’s a quick guide of things to look out for when doing your research…


How to style your home like the Love Island villa

If you’ve been admiring the decor of the Love Island villa I’ll show you how to recreate it in your own home – the thrifty way! In today’s post I’m tackling the interior so here are some ways that you can bring a bit of the Love Island magic into your home.


Styling my guest room for Christmas

Compared to most bloggers, I feel like I’m really behind on decorating my home for Christmas. Yes, I know it’s not even December yet, but

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