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Tuesday Shoesday ~ His & Hers

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were out at an event with some friends when one of our pals drew attention to our footwear. There was pointing and a cry of ‘His & Hers!’ as they spotted that we had chosen, completely independently, to each wear a pair of tan brogues; mine from Clarks (which I wrote about earlier in the year) and his from the carboot sale (they have also popped up in a Tuesday Shoesday blog post on 50p shoes recently!). Okay they weren’t exactly the same – mine were boots and his were shoes, but it was noteworthy enough that our male friend thought to comment on it and we took a photo. I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t noticed this when we were getting ready in the morning. Our tastes are gradually merging and we are becoming one person..!

tuesday shoesday fashion footwear - his n hers brogues

The same thing has happened again this month. We’ve been shopping online and were both choosing a new pair of shoes when we made another ‘his & hers’ decision without realising it. Hubby had previously got some grey Farli Limit shoes from Clarks (which are so pretty that I wrote about them) and found that they were so comfortable that he wanted to get the same style of brogues but in the midnight blue colour.

The coincidence that I’m talking about today is the fact that I (completely independently!) ordered two pairs of ladies brogues from Clarks too. I picked two pairs of Hamble Oak brogues; in stone and in navy blue but when I came to check out, only the navy shoes were in stock in my size. So this week the postman delivered hubby’s Farli Limit brogues in navy blue nubuck and my still-in-stock Hamble Oak brogues in navy blue suede. Can you believe it?! We’ve done it again! I think it’s really rather nice that we have such similar tastes and that we like the same styles, but I think we should be careful about wearing the same shoes at the same time! A regular occurrence in our household is that I’ll be getting ready for a day out with my husband and will put on jeans and a burgundy jumper, for example. Hubby will get ready, then as we are about to leave the house we will look at each other and realise that he too is wearing jeans and a burgundy jumper. It happens all year round – my wardrobe seems to have accidentally coordinated with his - and we often make the same choices without realising. The only time we are guaranteed to be wearing something completely different is if I put on a floral dress in the summer!

blue suede shoes - his n hers brogues_

blue suede shoes - his n hers brogues_-3

The same thing used to happen with me and my best friend; we would go shopping independently and would end up buying the same clothes. On more than one occasion I’ve worn on a skirt and she too has turned up with the exact same skirt – and neither of us even knew that the other had bought it. Even recently, when we are living in completely different counties at opposite ends of the country, we have bought the same dress! Just call me Cassie the Chameleon.

blue suede shoes - his n hers brogues_-2

blue suede shoes - his n hers brogues_-4

Anyway, our shoes from Clarks arrived and I couldn’t resist taking these photos as we tried out our new shoes at the beach. Although we might not wear them at the same time again, I don’t really mind if we do. I think it’s nice that we have similar tastes (not least because we both love brogues of all colours!) and at least we’ll never criticise each others choices  :) Let me know if anything similar has happened to you with a partner or friend and tweet me @Cassiefairy your photos of your ‘his & her’s shoe or outfits.

blue suede shoes - his n hers brogues_-5

 I still can’t believe that has made it onto the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 shortlist for Best Lifestyle Blog! It would mean the world to me if you would vote for my blog before voting closes on 29th August – thank you SO much!

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Summer iridescents

A really rather fabulous fashion trend for Summer shoes is iridescent uppers. Trend forecasters WGSN have highlighted (excuse the pun) this look as one of the key trends in footwear and accessories for summer. I think that one of the main reasons for this is that the reflective surface looks great at this time of year in full sunlight; the light bounces off shoes and produces pretty rainbow colours and swirly patterns. As a big fan of all things sparkly and rainbowy I’m certainly interested in this trend but I’m not sure how wearable this finish would be for everyday wear.

iridescent footwear trend for summer 2014

image source

We are used to seeing mirrored surfaces on accessories during the summer – just take a look at your sunglasses. Chances are they have a subtle mirroring or iridescent effect on the lenses that you may not have even spotted before. Check you out – you’re already following the trend! I found that two pairs of my sunglasses collection have rainbow reflections on them and I’m already thinking about wearing them more often now that I know how on-trend they are!

summer 2014 fashion trend - iridescent shoes and sunglasses

image source

Iridescent shoes are the kind of footwear that you can definitely pull off while you’re away on holiday and the neon reflections will look great with your tropical print dresses. If you want to pick up a pair, try these metallic pumps or flatform sandals (already in the half price sale!) from New Look or chunky heels from ASOS.

summer 2014 footwear trend - iridescent shoes



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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Chatty feet on holiday

A while ago I wrote about the superb sock brand Chatty Feet and told you how much fun I’d had with my husband and nephew while playing with our new range of character socks. We’ve chased each other – with Mr Grrrril (the scary looking bandit) chasing Brad Feet around the garden until he caught and ticked him! – and we’ve even scripted an intellectual conversation between Sigmund Socks and Professor Brian Sox at a science conference. The idea of these products is to inspire the wearer to play, whether they are little children or big kids (like me!) who refuse to grow up! With the character socks ranging from a tiny 12 months old to men’s size 11.5 it’s easy for all ages to play together and enjoy being a little bit silly.

With the school holidays in full swing, I’ve decided to spend my summer break with Professor Brian Sox and La Diva and we have been enjoying sightseeing, walks along the promenade and chilling out at the beach on our ‘staycation’. The eagle-eyed of you might have noticed some of my travel companions have been posting selfies using my instagram account:

Sightseeing during Prof. Brian Socks’ staycation #selfie #holiday

“I’m NOT camping!” says La Diva #holiday #staycation

Relaxing outside the beach hut #holiday #selfie

La Diva was shocked to discover she was on a nudist beach… #holiday #selfie

#besties #holiday #beach #selfie

Prof Brian Socks #beach #selfie

The sea was much colder than La Diva was expecting! #beach

Prof. Brian Sox enjoying a beer in the local pub #holiday #selfie #staycation

I’ve really enjoyed having a couple of new friends staying with me and I’m sure there will be many more holiday selfies to come during the summer holidays so keep an eye on my Instagram @Cassiefairy

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Put on your dancing shoes

This Tuesday Shoesday, I wanted to share my new hobby with you: swing dancing. I started going to a weekly class in June and after a rather wobbly left-footed start, I’ve really gotten into the swing of things (argh, bad pun alert!) and I look forward to going dancing every week – we always have a great laugh learning new moves. It’s not just about learning a dance; it’s a great form of exercise (I’m always out of breath by the end of a session!), it makes me happy (exercise endorphins will do that for you, I guess!) and it’s a fab social event. It’s been fun getting to know new people, dancing with different partners and going for a cheeky pint after class! A great by-product of taking up dancing is the effect it’s had on my wardrobe.

Now when I’m shopping for clothing I look at how the fabric moves, I consider whether it will keep me cool while I’m boogieing and I wonder how a dress will look when I do an American spin! I’ve been trying on skirts for the first time in 10 years and I want to tie my hair up in a bouncy ponytail. More importantly I’ve been lusting after dancing shoes and I’ve finally bought a pair that I love.

40s 50s dancing shoes

I spotted these little beauties in the Clarks sale  last weekend my heart started racing. I added them to my online basket, but my heart sank when I discovered that they were sold out in my size. Undeterred, and certain that these shoes were ‘the ones’, I made it my mission to head into the high-street shop and have a proper rummage on their sale shelves. There was an audible gasp, following by lots of whooping, when I found my dream dance shoes in my size at half the RRP. I’ve never bought a pair of shoes so quickly before: just a quick try-on and a couple of twirls and kicks was all it took to persuade me to part with my cash. I hugged the shoe-box close to me as I carried my precious dancing shoes home.

40s 50s dancing shoes-2

Surely you can see why I love these shoes so much? Not only are they a classic brogue design (and I love Clarks’ brogues in particular) but they have glitter on them. Ideal for me! The low heel height is perfect for dancing and I know that the leather will become even softer and more supple the more that I wear them. I can’t wait to slip them on for my next dance class and see whether they will improve my technique haha!

sophia webster jelly pvc vinyl shoes for 2014 2015


Tuesday Shoeday ~ Jellies for 2015

I’ve just returned from a weekend break at a cheesy seaside resort here in the UK and it has inspired me to write today’s Tuesday Shoesday blog post. It’s not beach hut pastels or sandy-beach flip-flops that have inspired me; instead it’s the tacky footwear from my childhood – the jelly shoe. I’m sure that everyone has worn a pair of jellies in their lifetime – I’m talking maybe 20 years ago, when you just a young whippersnapper, remember?? - and I was no exception.

I’ve been going to the same seaside town every summer since I was a toddler and from as young as I can remember I’ve always wanted a pair of jelly shoes. I’ve eyed them up in beach-side shops for years and was captivated by their bright colours. I saved my pocket money so that I could invest in a glittery pair of clear jellies when I was 10 and I wore them throughout the summer holidays. They keep little feet safe from the sharp stones on the sea-bed and look equally cool walking down the promenade as they do on the beach. I felt so trendy in my jelly shoes when I was a ‘tweenager’ and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt quite the same about any other footwear since.

sophia webster jelly pvc vinyl shoes for 2014 2015

With WGSN predicting the growth of vinyl shoes for 2015 I think the jelly shoe could be making a fashionable comeback. The worldwide trend forecasters have highlighted clear PVC panels and boiled-sweet colours for future footwear, naming the trend ‘luxury plastics’. I’ve already seen lots of fashion stories featuring jelly sandals and rubber flip-flops, and designers such as Sophia Webster are creating shoes that are decidedly jelly-eqsue (above).

So when I went into the very same beach-side kiosk this year and saw rows of jelly shoes on the shelves, beside inflatable rubber rings, kites and cheap sunglasses, my mind went into over-drive. Now that I’m a grown-up I can buy my own jelly shoes whenever I want so I started frantically rummaging through the selection to pick out my ultimate pair. I very quickly realised that the jelly sandals were available in every size… up to a size 2. No adult sizes in sight (I wonder why?) and my bottom lip came out in a pouty sulk.


jelly shoes for summer 2014 from asos new look and mr shoes

Now that I’m home from my short break, I’ve made it my mission to find a pair of adult size jelly shoes and after a quick online search, I’ve not been disappointed. Well, I’d still rather be able to buy a pair from a sea-front kiosk, like I’d always imagined as a child, but these shoes come a close second! These shoes all come in different colours, styles and adult sizes but my favourites are these block-heel jelly shoes from New Look,  my favourite childhood glittery sandals from Mr Shoe and on-trend coral solid-colour gladiators from ASOS.

Let me know what you think about jelly shoes – are they just for the children or can adults wear them too? If you already have your own jelly shoes please tweet me a snap to @Cassiefairy I’d love to see them!