How to create an outdoor kitchen/diner in your garden

I’ve been working on landscaping my garden this year and the steep slope needed to be terraced, which left me with a design that created ‘rooms’ within the garden. And since finishing the deck over the weekend, it’s got me thinking about the ways that I want to use the terrace that’s closest to the house…


5 Garden DIY hacks to get your outdoor space ready for summer

Is your garden looking a little tired or uninviting? With summer almost upon us (at last) now is the time to ready your outdoor space for the months of summer fun ahead! If you look at the state of your garden and your heart starts to sink, then don’t worry; there are plenty of ways you get your outdoor space ready for all the activities, drinks with friends, family BBQs and outdoor fun that’s to come. Here I’ve gathered 5 super simple hacks that will help get you started. Enjoy!


5 Things that bring extra fun to your summer garden parties

When the weather starts to improve, thoughts turn to your outdoors space. But how can you bring extra fun to your garden this summer? Here are five things you can add to your garden to help you and your family enjoy being outside even more…


My garden landscaping project: Storage solutions for my shed

With power tools, gardening items, DIY materials and cleaning supplies, my shed workbench was over-flowing so I decided it was about time to sort out some proper storage. If you’ve been struggling to stow everything safely in your shed, this could be the solution for you too…


2019: The Year of the Garden (at least, it will be for us at Cassiefairy HQ!)

We’re only three weeks into the new year and already there have been massive changes afoot at Cassiefairy HQ. We’ve been DIYing in earnest and I’m exhausted just thinking about it! You see, we’ve decided that 2019 will the be the ‘year of the garden’ and we’re tackling a landscaping project for the first time. Here’s what we’ve got planned and how we’re getting on…


Add a water feature to your garden without costly running expenses

Garden water features are known for their visual appeal and can be a relaxing addition to the landscaping around your home. But it’s not all about luxury and aesthetics; when it comes to being innovative and money-saving, water features can help you save and conserve water too, with the help of rainwater tanks…


4 Tips to bring your lawn back to life as fast as possible

Over the past few months, most people´s lawns have suffered. In the UK, and indeed in many other parts of the world, it has been hot and dry for a long time. For many homeowners, it has been impossible to water the grass enough, so now it’s bone dry and rather brown! There are few tricks you can use to help your lawn spring back to life so read on to get a head start on improving your garden…


How to create a low-maintenance kitchen garden

Ever wanted to have a gorgeous garden full of foliage and beautiful blooms that takes no time at all to maintain? That’s my plan and it’s exactly what I’m blogging about today! Read on to find out some handy tips to create a low-maintenance garden with plants and veg that take no effort to grow…


Small scale home improvements to boost kerb appeal

It can be difficult to find a balance between spending time and money on improving and your home versus actually enjoying it! Here are a few small ways that you can renovate your home to boost its kerb appeal, while still taking pleasure in the process..

Events & Entertainment

How to style your garden like the Love Island villa

Do you dream of having a fresh, bright and colourful home just like the Love Island villa? Today I’m taking garden design inspiration from the Love Island complex and finding ways to recreate this Mediterranean paradise in your own garden here in the UK – starting with lots and lots of fairy lights..! 


How to upcycle a shed + ideas for a low-cost garden

If you’re planning on landscaping your garden or installing features like a pond or patio, here’s my tips for doing it on a budget – with photos of my own attempts at salvaging a shed for the garden…


My little vintage caravan – a new (permanent!) place to park it

I’m finally making a start on my garden. This will be the second summer we’ve lived in our house and last year was completely taken up with renovating the interior. But now my attention has turned to the garden and the landscaping I’d like to do out there. But what about my little vintage caravan, I hear you ask? It’s very much at the centre of my garden design and here’s why… 


How to make a DIY pallet bench for your garden

Ahh isn’t it nice when the sun shines? Don’t you just want to sit out in the garden and watch the world go by? Here are some ideas for making your own bench (using pallets – a big win for upcycling!) and finding lovely garden furniture if you’re on a budget…


Top 5 small garden improvements

A small garden doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and functional. Working with what you’ve got, these easy improvements will make a big difference and


5 Quick kerb appeal ideas for your home

Here are some ideas to improve the kerb appeal of your home in order to increase your enjoyment of your new house, or to maximise the value when it comes to selling your property…


A peek inside Kirstie Allsopp’s garden

Today’s blog post is a glimpse inside Kirstie Allsopp’s garden. I’ve been lucky enough to get some behind-the-hedge photos from Victoria Summerley, the author of The


A peek inside Cath Kidston’s garden

Britain’s creatives reveal their private garden sanctuaries in newly released book The Secret Gardeners. This beautifully presented book is packed full of stunning photographs, and


The Secret Gardens of East Anglia

Today I wanted to bring you some impressive photos of little-known East Anglian gardens. As a novice gardener (an someone who has no idea what


Long-term improvements to beautify your garden

We all want beautiful gardens, don’t we? It’s so lovely to take a walk in our garden during the summer and smell the freshly bloomed plants that we started growing. And surely sitting back and relaxing in a deck chair, soaking up in  sun in our tranquil space has got to be the ultimate garden goal.


Learn to love your garden again

Out of all the places in our home, the garden is probably the most easily forgotten area, especially during the colder months. Sure, we might


Garden inspiration – Beach hut sheds

I’m spotting them everywhere. In gardens, on Pinterest and even at Latitude festival. Yes, painted sheds are ‘all the rage’ these days and it’s a


Spruce up your garden in time for Easter

There are so many ways in which you can utilise your home and garden to get the best from it without having to spend a fortune. Here are a few ways in which you can make the most out of your garden for both yourselves and your little ones.

DIY furniture makeovers

A DIY barbecue makeover

Yay for summer and whoop for BBQ season! It’s finally time to drag out the barbecue, scrub down the grill and fire up the coals.

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